Čučumuiža / Sleepy manor

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Čučumuižā visi guļ, pat pats miega burvis Čučis un viņa miega sargi saldi čuč. Kā redzams darbā, miegs var mums nākt gan dienā, gan naktī. Varbūt jāaiziet nelielā diendusā?

It's that wonderful place each of us go every time we fall asleep. It's kind of a cute way to tell you're going to sleep. That's what Latvian parents say to their kids when they're up too late, "You better go to Čučumuiža, little lad."

Even the sleep wizard Čučis (Choo-Chis) himself and his guards are asleep in the Čučumuiža and sleep just comes to you during both day and night. Better go and take a nap.

- silk screen print
- A2 (594 x 420 mm) size
- 400 g/m2 Munken Pure paper
- free shipping

Image of Čučumuiža / Sleepy manor Image of Čučumuiža / Sleepy manor